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Welcome to Sieber School

German teaching with empathy

Do you think German teachers are stiff, boring and have no sense of humour?
Do you feel left behind in group classes or bored because you have to wait for the others?
Do you think that you will never learn German?

If any of the above applies - let me show you that learning German can be a lot of fun!

I offer Skype lessons one-on-one or small group classes,  tailored to your needs .

This is done in an atmosphere of friendship and empathy.

Grammar will be explained in English.

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All About Me

I was raised in a German-speaking household with an academic background. My father was a highly regarded engineer and, indeed, my grandfather established a university in a South American capital – but many years ago.

I have lived in many foreign countries (Africa and South America) and understand the problems of grasping another language and culture. Having traveled widely, I am very sympathetic to the culture and traditions of a wide variety of different nationalities.

I trained as a foreign correspondent with qualifications in English and French and with a working knowledge of many European languages.  I rose within the Sales department of a German company dealing with many foreign customers and have much sympathy for their problems in dealing with the German business world.

I decided to go into the business of coaching foreign students once I saw the problems being encountered by newcomers to Europe and the absolute inflexibility that met them within the language learning institutions.


What I Offer

I offer online language coaching which includes discussion of German culture. This will set the student up to fit into life and work in Germany. 

I will help you develop your professional language skills in German, regardless of your profession.

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One-on-One Lessons

I offer personalized one-on-one lessons, and I get to understand the unique needs of my students. I make learning an enjoyable experience by mixing grammar with German language discussions of day-to-day topics.

This will ensure fast progress and thorough understanding of the language.

Level A1 to B2 via Skype or Teams.

German Stammtisch

The concept of the “Stammtisch” as a regular group session, open to existing students, has been welcomed by many. 

This is an ideal opportunity to put what you have learned into practice (B1 level and higher)

We meet every Tuesday at 8 p.m. hosted by myself.

Book early - maximum 5 students.

Adult Students

Group Lessons

For those of you, who prefer to study in groups I offer group tuition (max. 3 students) to allow effective learning.

Currently I offer A1 to B2


Doris is a great teacher. She is a great professional and is very empathic. She uses a proven methodology to teach German in a very effective and successful way. I've been able to improve my German skills significantly over the past 1,5 years and I am currently working with her on getting ready for the B2 exam. She is very flexible and knowledgeable, and I appreciate the personal approach Doris brings. Do you want to go fast? No problem. Do you want to take it a little slower? Fine as well. If you are seriously considering taking German lessons, look no further: Doris is one of the best. Highly recommended, 5/5 stars

Dennis van Onselen/ Microsoft

I have tried multiple ways to learn the German language in the last few years: various schools, apps and tools. But learning the language with Doris was the best experience so far and that too by a long margin. Doris customizes her approach to suit the student, adapts the dialogue to make learning more interesting and is also great at spotting weak spots and providing special coaching to address them. With her training over Skype, I was able to ramp up my German language skills in a short period of time to pass the B1 test

Asheem Panakkat/Google

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